captureWe know. 2017 is going to be YOUR year. The resolutions have been made, the fitness classes have been booked, and the snack cabinet has been padlocked.

And some among us may be opting to drink less alcohol as their resolution for a myriad of reasons, including to lose weight, save money, make smarter texting choices, etcetera. Drinking less alcohol is a goal for many when starting out the new year; binging during the holidays with family and friends can leave a sour taste in one’s mouth and give rise to a renewed determination for cutting back.

No matter the reason, “Dry January” will be a reality for many. For those not quitting cold turkey, quality over quantity may be the best option. So, true to form, we’d like to provide a few choices for those opting to have only the occasional cocktail. To give you the best bang for your alcoholic buck, if you will.

Old World Wines

We foresee 2017 as being a fun, high-quality year that won’t break the bank. You know what’s also high quality and won’t break the bank? Wine from Old Word regions. You can find affordable wines from places such as Bordeaux and Barolo that blow that $7.99 red blend out of the water. You made it through 2016 – you deserve it. And if you’re only going to have one glass of wine a week, it better be good.


Mezcal Mule

A smoky take on the well-loved cocktail, this drink is tart, warming, sweet, spicy… basically everything you need besides clean drinking water and the occasional McDonald’s splurge. Make it on your own, for guests, or find a local bar that makes a killer rendition.

Blueberry Winter Smash

Best way to imbibe? With a drink that’s bursting with flavor and can help you meet your antioxidant quota for the day (or year, depending on who you are as a person). Blueberries, vodka, elderflower liqueur, and rosemary make for a refreshing combination in this smashing cocktail.


Vesper Martini

Look, if it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for us.