It’s here: that wonderfully confusing time between Christmas and New Year’s. What day is it? Are you working or playing? Maybe you’re like me, doing a bit of both. And, if so, then it’s a great time to read up on trends that feel a little bit like work and a lot like play. After all, ‘tis the season for trend forecasting, am I right? And, since you’re probably considering “travel to X location” as one of your new year’s resolutions, I’ve got the perfect forecast roundup for you. Upon scouring top travel and lifestyle pubs, I’m dubbing these the top five travel trends to watch in 2018.

Upon scouring top travel and lifestyle pubs, I’m dubbing these the top five travel trends to watch in 2018.Click To Tweet
  1. Destination Double-Dipping. When it comes to planning a getaway, one destination just isn’t enough anymore. After all, we Americans hardly take a vacation as it is, so we might as well make the most of it when we do! I recently took a week-long trip to the Pacific Northwest, making sure to include stops in Seattle, Portland and Crater Lake. And I’m not alone. Google Trends recently reported a 32 percent increase in users searching for multiple cities or countries on one ticket in the last few years, so we can confidently say this is on the incline.
  2. Heritage Travel. An additional reason why we might be looking to book multiple trips in one is the recent rise of at home DNA testing services like 23andMe. We’re more aware of and therefore more interested in identifying and exploring our roots. We can expect to see an uptick in heritage-driven travel in the coming year.
  3. Luxury Accommodations. Whether simply upgrading to first class seats or splurging on the deluxe hotel package for a better view or personalized experience, we can expect to see more travelers looking to make their trip more comfortable. Blame it on the fact that we’re taking fewer vacations and therefore have bigger budgets to spend, or the lavish expectations set by digital influencers.
  4. Unconventional Lodging. And, of course, part of this movement towards personalized luxury, we can expect unexpected lodging choices. And this is more than just glamping. I’m talking an increase in bookings for cabins and RVs, and even treehouses, yurts and ryokans. It’s all about a deeper connection with nature, and an off-the-beaten-path experience.
  5. Destination Immersion. Connecting with nature is only part of the immersion experience travelers have come to expect as we move from “tourists” to “temporary locals.” Travelers want to do what the locals do, leaving at least part of their travel itineraries open so they can create their own adventures as they go along, much like a local would.

So, do you buy it? What’d I miss? Let me know what travel trends you’re looking forward to in the coming year.