Today’s health care landscape isn’t the same landscape of yesterday, and it will be different tomorrow, too. Reasons being? Digital technologies, politics, R&D, consumer demands and expectations – and so on and so forth.

It can be difficult to stay up-to-date on every new tool and platform or changes in policy that might impact your business. But it’s necessary to be “in the know” so you can adjust your media strategy accordingly (and maybe even your business strategy).Click To Tweet

Here are a few tips on how to keep up with the latest and greatest if you have your toes dipped in the health care pool – and, ultimately, how you can join in on the conversation.

  1. Follow the outlets and reporters covering the topics that matter most to your story. Seems simple, but not everyone does this. Do your research! Social media is a great tool that can keep you updated without requiring a huge time commitment. Set up Google alerts for key terms and topics, too. Who has influence in your space? What are they saying? Are they covering software, policy, social impact? Have they told your story yet? Follow them on social media, familiarize yourself with their work and watch how it evolves.
  2. Expand your interest and learn how other sectors are changing, too. Do the same as above but widen your view. What’s happening with telemedicine companies now might impact pharmaceutical companies later. It will always benefit you to know how the different players in health care are shifting and evolving – especially since it might impact your business down the road. Sign up for trade publication newsletters, keep your eye on their social channels, etc. Don’t let a big announcement slip by you just because it doesn’t directly impact you at that time.
  3. Let key influencers know who you are and where you fit in. Introduce yourself to the influencers, reporters and editors you’re following and ask what else they have in the works. You could even consider reaching out on social media. Making a connection will help you understand which health care (or health technology) topics are top-of-mind for media and other influencers. They might not have thought about how your story plays a role in the broader trends they’re talking and writing about – this is your opportunity to join the conversation.

Keeping up with industry news and changes – even in an industry as widespread as health care – doesn’t have to be daunting. Spend a few minutes everyday to understand what conversations are happening, how they’re evolving and how you can join in. I promise you won’t regret it.

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