In a time when physical newsrooms are shrinking and the need for engaging content is growing, the time to transform your news site into a successful online newsroom is now. It’s not enough anymore to just publish your press releases on your news site – a.k.a. the press release graveyard – and hope that media find it and publish your content and stories.

The time to transform your news site into a successful online newsroom is now.Click To Tweet

Simple, clear, visually engaging and mobile-friendly newsrooms with easy to find information, appealing content and downloadable visuals attracts media and accomplish business goals. An online newsroom is not just a communications or marketing decision – it’s a business decision.

Here are 4 reasons why:

1. Engage media. According to a recent survey, 85 percent of journalists agreed that online newsrooms were an increasingly important tool for sourcing content and building news stories; however, 65 percent of online newsrooms are not meeting media expectations. Media don’t want to navigate through cumbersome news sites and sift through content. They want quick, easy to digest sound bites that they can easily share or incorporate into a story they’re already working on.

2. Increase employee engagement. Implementing and maintaining an online newsroom requires a newsroom mentality, meaning you want to have all the necessary players at the table. It’s not just for the communications folks. Your newsroom should include all pieces of your business from public relations, communications and marketing to human resources, accounting and operations. Your newsroom should represent the entire company not just one department.

3. Establish your company/brand as a thought leader. Your online newsroom can serve as an important tool to highlight your brand’s expertise and leadership as well as establish trust and credibility among key stakeholders.

4. Improve your bottom line. We can’t stress enough that an online newsroom is a business decision. If executed efficiently, an online newsroom can improve your company’s overall business performance. An effective online newsroom drives traffic to your company website and is more likely to attract media. Both of which have direct business impacts. For example, if your business is selling a product or service, driving more media and consumers to your website increases opportunities for future sales.

A successful online newsroom is not just a temporary website trend. It’s the way digital communications is shifting for the future. If you’re interested in learning more about how your brand or company can create or improve your existing online newsroom, contact Padilla.