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1. 1-833-WAY-LOST

In an interesting and refreshing take on the 1-800 number, Herschel Supply created a dial-in playlist where you can “get lost in the clouds with sounds that rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.” Why should you care? We’re all definitely feeling a little lost right now or going crazy being confined to our homes under lockdown. One thing’s for sure, we are all likely in need of a getaway, and with sounds celebrating travel, culture, nature, and connection, Herschel hopes to provide the global community with a means to escape their surroundings – if only mentally. [Shop Eat Surf]

2. Earth Day

Timberland shared an emotional open letter to nature for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with a bold message: “Nature Needs Heroes.” Why should you care? The ad highlights something we’ve all been taking for granted prior to this pandemic – Mother Earth – and asks us to be kinder to it when we return. Leading by example, Timberland has pledged to plant 50 million trees by 2025, and will host 50 service events to better the Earth, once the pandemic is over. [AdAge]

3. Tie-Dye

The latest quarantine activity and fashion trend? DIY tie-dye. Why should you care? Tie-dye is nothing new as it’s quite a throwback trend that has had a recent resurgence in the past couple years, but today more than ever in quarantine because of its nostalgia factor. Ultimately, that’s all we’re really searching for – an escape from our present, whether it’s looking to the future, or in this case, to the past with a ‘90s trend like tie-dye. [Insider]

4. Creativity in the Kitchen

In addition to tie-dye, we’re seeing lots of new food/cooking trends like whipped coffee, yeast-less bread and White Claw slushies. Why should you care? With restaurants closing their doors, lockdowns have led to more people cooking at home (63% of 13 to 39-year-old’s to be exact). More time at home means people are talking more about food and thinking of creative ways to have fun in the kitchen and it will be interesting to see what hobbies we pick up next. [YPulse]

5. COVID-19 Advertising Supercut   

The internet held up a justifiably cynical mirror to marketers this week, in the form of a COVID-19 advertising supercut. Why should you care? Just watching can be a real cringe-fest, but there are lessons here. The most important being: With grim realities making everyone keenly aware of what’s truly important to them, there’s never been a worse time for brands to talk just for the sake of talking. [Fast Company]

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