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1. Amazon and Puma launch a new brand

Amazon Fashion partnered with Puma to launch a new athleisure brand. Why should you care? The brand, called Care Of, launched in Europe this week, and is set to launch in North America later in October. The two companies found many online shoppers kept searching for “fit” and “comfort” together. This is another example of Amazon noticing shopper trends and taking advantage of them to capture a larger audience in its fashion space.  [Business of Fashion]

2. Getty Images combats stereotypes

Getty images launched a photo series to more accurately capture the lives of the 50+ demographic. Why should you care? The Disrupt Aging Collection depicts the changing lifestyle of those age 50 and older to more accurately represent modern society. This should make creative industries more aware of the need to update how the 50-plus demographic is portrayed in order to tell a more authentic story about aging. [Adweek]

3. London bans cars for a day

On September 22nd, London went car free for the first time.  Why should you care? This was a gesture to raise awareness about London’s air quality issues and highlight the city’s focus on sustainable transport. More cities have been holding events or putting in place restrictions on driving. This brings up the question: Are car-free cities in our future?  [Wired]

4. Oprah teams up with Apple

Oprah Winfrey is bringing her famed book club to Apple’s new streaming subscription service, AppleTV+. The club will also be featured in the Apple Books app. Why should you care? Every two months Oprah will be interviewing the author of the featured book and broadcasting the conversation to an exclusive group of members. The book club is coming back in a modern way, bringing readers together in a way only Oprah can, and connecting with them using non-traditional platforms. [CNBC]

5. Instagram algorithm favors unedited content

Instagram changed its algorithm to favor more realistic content. Why should you care? Instagram wants to embrace the trend of body positivity and authenticity. Within the last year, users have found that unedited photos are performing better on the platform. As Instagram continues to adjust their algorithms to give users what they want, it shows how social media can (and should) adapt to user preferences. [Quartzy]

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