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1. Barbie  

Barbie has unveiled an election-inspired doll collection. Why should you care? The four-doll set includes a Black woman running for president, a campaign manager, a fundraiser and a voter. Mattel hopes that with their latest collection, they will expose young kids to different leadership roles to get them excited about shaping the future. In an election year, there’s always a great emphasis on voting and the democratic process, and this is great way to plant the seed of its importance in young children. [People]

2. Goodbye Jeans

Denim sales have fallen sharply since the pandemic began. Why should you care? Denim brands like Lucky and True Religion have filed for bankruptcy and Levi’s revenue is lower than ever. If you too have been WFH since this all began, then you probably can’t remember the last time you wore jeans. The pandemic is ushering in a new era of comfort, now that going into the office has gone out the window – so has the business-casual dress code that came with it. [Washington Post]

3. #NBATwitter

The NBA hopes to keep fans engaged by partnering with Twitter to display their live tweets during games on video boards at ESPN Sports Complex. Why should you care? As major league sports seasons ramp up in the age of COVID, franchises are trying to finding ways to include their fans who aren’t allowed to physically be in the stands because of coronavirus. MLB also is jumping on the bandwagon, offering fans a chance to purchase oversized cut-outs of their faces to sit in stands during games. Just like the good ole times, prices vary depending on how close to the action you want your cut-out. [Adweek]

4. Listening Parties

Taking advantage of the revival of podcasting during the pandemic, Spotify premium is now allowing customers to host listening parties with up to 5 people – no matter how near or far. Why should you care? Just add this to the list of ways families and friends continue to seek ways to be together while apart during the pandemic. [The Verge]

5. Google WFH

Google announced that it will be keeping employees home until Summer 2021. Why should you care? This is the first major U.S. company to announce an extended timeline back to normalcy. It will likely have a ripple effect on other tech giants, who are slated to return as soon as January 2021. If what’s happening in tech is a predictor of the future, then we’re all likely to be staying at home for the long haul. [WSJ]

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