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1. Google honors a pioneer of antiseptic procedures with an animated handwashing Doodle

In the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, Google Doodle paid its respects to Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, who first introduced the practice of handwashing in 1847 to help prevent the spread of infection in maternity clinics. Why should you care? Although Dr. Semmelweis had to prove his theory 173 years ago, we all understand the importance of handwashing now – and this basic act of personal hygiene is one of the ways we can help stop the spread of coronavirus. People take their social cues from others around them, so instead of panic buying hand sanitizer, keep washing your hands often and during those 20 seconds please thank Dr. Semmelweis for implementing hygienic practices that saved lives – and continues to do so in 2020. [CNET]

2. The New York Public Library offers 300,000 free e-books from its collection

For New Yorkers, your Public Library card (and the app) now gives you access to “borrow” from 300,000 titles – good news for bookworms during the coronavirus quarantine. Why should you care? As isolation and social distancing takes hold, organizations are finding creative ways to use tech to continue providing its services to the community in spite of coronavirus. [Time Out]

3. Watch a concert or take a museum tour from the comfort of your couch

Virtual performances from opera, orchestra and ballet companies and virtual tours from museums and national parks are helping patrons stay inspired and safe by bringing arts, culture and nature into homes during COVID-19. Why should you care? Many arts organizations are adapting following coronavirus-related season cancellations and putting the safety of their audiences first by streaming past performances. And who doesn’t need a break from binging Netflix? [Thrillist]

4. NYC bars are making cocktails to-go

With the limitations placed on bars because of the coronavirus, NYC – and other places – are offering cocktails, wine and beer to-go with your takeout order, as long as it’s purchased with food. Why should you care? Besides encouraging gift card purchases, it’s another way the service industry is trying to stay afloat during the restaurant closures taking place across the country. [Matador Network]

5. Pokémon Go creates incentives for players to stay inside

The game designed to get you outside has made updates to encourage players to stay indoors for the experience. Why should you care? It’s another example of brands adapting their products or services in order to keep people safe and healthy during growing coronavirus concerns. [The Verge]

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