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1. NBA Bubble Snitch Hotline  

The NBA Bubble currently quarantining at Walt Disney World resort in Orlando now have a hotline to anonymously report social-distancing violations. Why should you care? According to some reports, these players are definitely making use of it, as violations and warnings have already been handed out. Only in the age of coronavirus would we see Gossip Girl methods transformed for the NBA and it will be interesting to see what other creative tactics are enforced to ensure the adherence of the new normal that is social distancing. [Vulture]

2. COVID-19 Banksy

Banksy’s latest work, like everything else these days, was COVID-related. Why should you care? His tag on an underground London train encouraged people to wear masks and was accompanied with a play on words from a famous song, “I get lockdown, but I get up again.” Though it’s already been removed, it goes to show that no one is immune to the effects of COVID-19 – whether that’s personally, physically and in the case of Banksy – artistically. [CNN]


CBS has partnered with NAACP to produce scripted and unscripted documentary programs for the network. Why should you care? In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests, CBS is looking beyond Hollywood to create more diverse content. President and CEO of NAACP Derrick Johnson stated, “Programming and content have the power to shape perspectives and drive conversations around critical issues. This partnership with CBS allows us to bring compelling and important content to a broad audience.” [USA Today]

4. RIP Print

The last local paper in Wyoming has announced it is ending daily print editions. Why should you care? Print in general has been taking a nose-dive as everything has moved to digital, but this could mark the first time in history a U.S. state will print no newspapers on a Monday morning. In the era of “fake news,” local newspapers such as the Wyoming Star-Tribune, are the outlets we’ve come to rely on for local, accurate reporting and will definitely be another loss felt in the print journalism world. [NiemanLab]

5. History of Now

Museums and cultural institutions around the country have been working hard documenting the history of right now – coronavirus and activism. Why should you care? While collecting artifacts that symbolize an era of social distancing and a social uprising, these institutions are realizing more than ever that these two main themes intersect with one another. Collectively, coronavirus and the protests have exposed a country gripped with inequality. It will be interesting to see how they capture our current state while remembering the past, in hopes of righting the future that is to come. [Mashable]

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