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1. Educational pop-ups

Facebook is launching a feature where “educational pop-ups” will accompany searches on vaccine-related information. Why should you care? For the past year or so, we’ve seen different online platforms struggle to combat the spread of misinformation. Facebook’s solution is a good step to combat the problem. When users search for information about vaccines or diseases, Facebook and Instagram will have pop-ups directing people to the CDC or WHO. This ensures people are directed to the most accurate and trustworthy sources without infringing on free speech. [CNN]

2. Virtual sponsorships and naming rights

Pizza Hut will have the first named digital stadium as part of their sponsorship for the Madden NFL 20 Championship Series. Why should you care? This quote from Marianne Radley, Chief Brand Officer at Pizza Hut, says it all, “Gamers used to be seen as the guys in the basement sitting alone, eating pizza and crushing Mountain Dew…It’s different now. Today, it is about community. It’s modern, high-tech and there’s elite competition. It’s evolved, so who doesn’t want to be a part of that?” [AdAge]

3. The new world of docu-marketing

This week NatGeo launched a six-part documentary called Activate, which combines information on grass-roots activism with efforts by Proctor and Gamble to make the world a better place. Why should you care? According to Fast Company, “It’s not product placement. It’s not sponsored content. It’s prestige television.” They think it has the potential to be a “new model for marketing.” P&G believed that so long as NatGeo retained control of the editorial content, supporting a large-scale documentary would help them authentically show them living their values and have a more meaningful impact on their consumers than a traditional sponsorship. If this works, brands who can afford the investment will likely flock to this model to build trust. But will consumers buy in if everything is suddenly The Truman Show? [Fast Company]

4. Playing with your food

Amsterdam-based Experimental Gastronomy is reinventing silverware to encourage people to reconnect with their food. Why should you care? We’ve seen both consumers and wellness companies embrace more tactile experiences. While consumers may be drawn to putting on a record instead of streaming, wellness companies have long talked about making eating an experience to help with weight loss and mindfulness. Although using new concepts of “silverware” may sound extreme, wellness companies should take note at a fun and novel way to encourage or create a new behavior they already preach. [Wired]

5. Tik Tok for the flock

An Anglican priest has gone viral on Tik Tok while working to plant a church in Texas. Why should you care? If your brand isn’t already considering Tik Tok already as part of your social media strategy, it may be time to get on board. [The Guardian]

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