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1. The “sewing army” assembles   

Hospitals are running out of N95 protective face masks and to meet that urgent need, individuals across the U.S. are sewing handmade masks to help protect doctors and nurses from the coronavirus. Why should you care? During a time where we feel a loss of control, it’s an inspiring example of people using their individual talents and truly making a collective difference in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The “sewing army” has quickly organized its efforts through social media and word-of-mouth – answering the question we’re all asking ourselves, “How can I help?” [New York Times]

2. Instagram launches “Stay Home” sticker

Instagram released a new “Stay Home” sticker to encourage people to share how they are social-distancing during COVID-19. Why should you care? It’s the latest example of Instagram creating cause-related stickers. This one aimed to help keep people safe at home with a feature that brings people who use the sticker into a group Story, creating a sense of online community in spite of coronavirus. [Social Media Today]

3. Allbirds offers free pair of shoes

Allbirds footwear tweeted an offer for free Wool Runners to any U.S. health care worker as a token of appreciation for being on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Why should you care? The response was overwhelming, and the company has already donated $500,000 worth of shoes. Beginning this week, Allbirds added the option for customers to donate a pair of the Wool Runners to help fill the requests. This is an example of a brand showing generosity and giving its followers an opportunity to make a positive impact on the health care industry during this unprecedented time. [FOX8]

4. Tuesdays are for Takeout

The Great American Takeout on March 24 encouraged ordering a pick-up or delivery meal (or two!) in support of the foodservice industry, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus closures. Why should you care? The hope is that “Takeout Tuesday” will gain momentum and be a way to help out your local bars and restaurants. [Matador Network]

5. TP calculator – yes, you read that right

Visit howmuchtoiletpaper.com if you’re concerned about how long your TP stash will last during coronavirus quarantine. Why should you care? According to the website, the average user of the TP calculator has 500% more toilet paper than they need for quarantine. The creators of the tool said, “Not everyone is able to get to a store and stock up on toilet rolls. Don’t be selfish.” As retailers struggle to keep up with demand and have had to limit the number of TP rolls per visit, let’s hope this calculator helps reduce the panic-buying that continues with growing coronavirus concerns. [CNN]

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