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1. Skittles Sheds Its Colors  

Skittles is ditching its rainbow colors in June for Pride Month. Why should you care? According to Skittles, “Only one rainbow matters during Pride.” They’re donating $1 from every Skittles Pride bag purchase to GLAAD to support the LGBTQ community. [Mashed]

2. Remote Cheering

Japanese firm Yamaha has created the Remote Cheerer system that allows fans watching the football league to cheer from afar via their smartphones. Why should you care? While sports leagues planning for return to play, fans won’t be allowed to enjoy in person. It will be interesting to see what teams and leagues come up with to make up for empty stadiums filled with cheering fans. [The Guardian]

3. Virtual Movie Nights

Hulu has begun testing Watch Party co-viewing experience. Why should you care? Hulu Watch Party will allow subscribers in different places to co-view a TV show/movie and supports up to 8 viewers. As we continue to isolate and social distance, virtual movie nights will become a thing of the norm as similar apps like Netflix Party and Scener also have been popular amidst the pandemic. [THR]

4. AR Social Distancing

Google has launched a new AR tool to visualize social distancing rules. Why should you care? Not sure what six feet apart looks like? There’s an app for that. Sodar, the new AR tool from Google creates a six-foot/two-meter radius around you using your phone screen. It’s currently only available for Android users, but as confusion still surrounds COVID-related guidelines, we’ll continue to see innovation and tools to help us navigate these new rules better, and more accurately. [Mashable]

5. #BlackLivesMatter

K-pop fans are supporting #BlackLivesMatter by refusing to promote their favorite groups on Twitter. Why should you care? K-pop fans are known for being passionate about their favorite bands/artists and creating phrases/hashtags to get them trending on Twitter. In light of the protests in the death of George Floyd and police brutality, K-pop fans are harnessing their power to ensure that #BlackLivesMatter is the main thing trending on Twitter during this time. [Mashable]

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