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1. Snap Filter  

Belgium creative agency Happiness, released a chat filter that alerts you whenever you touch your face, which is on average – 23 times in an hour. Why should you care? Before COVID-19, we never really paid attention to how frequently we touched our faces – but now that small detail is one of the ways we can prevent spreading of the virus. The filter works on Zoom, Google Hangouts/Meet and Skype, and aims to raise awareness to the fact that the average person touches their face every 2.6 minutes and hopefully prompts behavioral changes. [Adweek]

2. Mannequins

World-renowned and Michelin star restaurant, The Inn at Little Washington will seat mannequins at tables to make it look busy. Why should you care? As cities across the U.S. begin to reopen, we will continue to see interesting, and in this case – slightly creepy – solutions to enforce social distancing and safety precautions. [Today]

3. Hamilton

Instead of its planned theatrical release in October 2021, Disney will begin streaming Hamilton in July of this year as Disney Plus exclusive content. Why should you care? The move from theatrical to digital release is nothing new in light of COVID-19, but this bumping up of the Hamilton release by over a year emphasizes the need for streaming services to continually add content as production on newer films/shows has been suspended due to the virus. [The Verge]

4. LA Rams

The Los Angeles Rams unveiled their new uniforms via Snapchat AR Lens. Why should you care? It’s becoming increasingly clear people are desperate for sports content as coronavirus has upended, if not, completely canceled sports for the foreseeable future. From ESPN’s call for fans and athletes to pen #DearSports letters, the Michael Jordan ESPN special, “The Last Dance” to this augmented reality release of the Rams uniforms – it will be interesting to see what else the sports industry comes up with in lieu of broadcasting games. [Adweek]

5. WFH Forever

Twitter announced it will let employees work from home forever. Why should you care? The pandemic has changed us in many different ways, but one of the biggest impacts is how it has normalized working from home, further instilling what we knew all along. “The past few months have proven we can make that work,” the San Francisco-based social media company said of lessons learned during the pandemic. [HuffPost]

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