Facebook’s recent algorithm changes have caused some brands to threaten to leave the social media giant. Yet, no one is actually leaving. While they are not happy with the pay-to-play format, no other platform really manages to have the content, images AND engagement that Facebook generates. Eat24 has been a recent objector to ditch Facebook, while other companies, specifically liquor brands, are keeping their pages. However, there are a few brands not willing to put all their eggs – or bottles –  in one basket. Instead, they’re spreading out in the social networking sphere:

jose cuervoJose Cuervo  A social media giant when it comes to tequila, Jose Cuervo has a presence on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.  The brand’s sharable content could serve as industry benchmark: Event footage, cocktails, food pairings and a myriad of videos keep Cuervo fans entertained. Other brands like Patron, Don Julio, or Partida, don’t have the money to compete in Cuervo’s league.

Smirnoff and Ciroc – YouTube is a sensation that isn’t going anywhere, and ads from Smirnoff Vodka and Ciroc are among the best viral video content in a long time. No one denies that it helps to have money to hire comedians or personalities, but at the end of the day, the fun factor decides what goes viral. Smirnoff, has a huge following on Pinterest (11,985) whereas Ciroc has minimal exposure on the platform (which makes sense because they’re geared towards men). While Smirnoff doesn’t have an amazing Twitter following (3,015), Ciroc has killed it with 44.6k. Smirnoff has no Instagram account, but Ciroc has done tons of events where Instagram translates and they are currently at 95,150 followers.

Bacardi Bacardi has done something awesome – it has become a platform for musicians and bands to promote songs via Twitter and Instagram. It’s a genius way to showcase the rum’s true spirit and have an initiative that generates sound, or, in some instances, videos. It also doesn’t hurt they’re a mega-brand that can spend the dough to reap the engagement. bacardiJim Beam and Maker’s Mark – In the bourbon category, Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark are chief among the top dogs. Jim Beam has a huge Twitter following with 47.9k that’s only topped by Maker’s Mark’s 57.3k. I bet more than a few Maker’s followers have been garnered with its ambassador program that allows consumers to tweet back at the brand. Appealing more and more to women, Maker’s Mark also has a presence on Instagram and Pinterest that Jim Beam lacks. Perhaps it’s the male skew that convinced Jim Beam to have Mila Kunis star in their video series on YouTube. Compared to Mila’s coolness factor, Maker’s Mark video content is, well, ok.

Google+, LinkedIn and Slideshare are all platforms liquor brands are still experimenting with. Even IF Facebook loses traction due to their algorithm change, the future of social content is more visual with fewer words. Saying more with less and producing viral-friendly content can make or break a brand.