Timing is everything – especially when paving the timeline for a new product launch.

To have the biggest impact, pharma companies need to appropriately make the most of each moment in time within the life cycle to educate and engage with key audiences.

Different audiences need different tactics, timing, planning, research, etc., but there are key best practices to keep in mind for pre- and post-launch stages.


You need physicians to understand the data and the unmet needs your brand is aiming to overcome in order to pave the way for a successful launch. Physician and thought leader outreach is a key component in the pre-launch phase. Use these moments in time to highlight your clinical evidence and help key health care provider audiences understand the depth and breadth of data that is driving the clinical development of your product candidate.

Keep in mind, different physicians rely on different sources. Your job is to learn which ones your unique audience turns to for information. Do they exclusively read studies or trust one main thought leader? Do they read trade publications religiously or get all of their info from conferences? You could have the best product with the most compelling research to back it up, but if you’re not where your audience is, you’re missing an opportunity to build awareness in the pre-launch stage.

Pre-launch is also the time for researching both the patient and physician landscapes the brand will be navigating upon launch (e.g., physician focus groups and advisory boards, patient journey mapping and market research).

Launch + Post-launch

Proactive physician and thought leader outreach is taken to the next level upon product launch and post-launch. In addition, reaching out to key patient populations to help them understand the product is now available and to help them understand how it can potentially help them navigate particular medical conditions and health needs.

Tactical execution must be informed not only by the product approval and availability timeline, but also based on the key research insights (e.g., patient journey mapping data) you uncovered in the pre-launch phase.

Aligning your efforts with research is important for both physician and patient outreach. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the importance of your own product based on your strategic needs and sales goals, but don’t lose sight of your research. How you want to discuss your product is not always the way that will resonate best with health care professionals and patients.Click To Tweet

Nailing the various marketing and communications nuances of a pharma launch takes a village and is an ongoing work in progress, but when done right, it can lead to more impactful outreach and engagement.

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