Okay maybe not every consumer wants more but most (78 percent to be exact), consumers want to support companies that can change the world.

Locally Sourced – Planting Its Roots and Spreading Its Wings

Whether it’s buying cheese produced within 50 miles of where they live or buying products from a company that sources food from within 50 miles of its plant, consumers want local. The importance of local can mean anything from a company’s dedication to its sustainability practices to the company’s support of the local economy. Bottom line – a company being connected to the community it’s in is key to show its dedication to impacting social and environmental change.

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy

Consumers are also demanding to know more – from the types of ingredients used to a company’s labor practices. A recent report from The Hartman Group found 70 percent of consumers want retailers to be more transparent about willingness to address sustainability efforts. And another study by Response Media found nearly all respondents would be willing to pay more for transparent products (just like they did with organic). Could transparency become another stamp, label or mark on the box? Regardless, being vocal about it is important.

Changing the Status Quo

Socially conscious consumers also endorse brands that challenge the status quo. When “natural” and “clean” started popping up on every food blog, menu and cereal box did anyone stop to think about when and how this happened? Consumers continue to crave simpler times, when every ingredient in a food could be pronounced or when an egg was just that, an egg (insert fast food egg controversy here). Consumers demanded simpler ingredients and mission-based startups heard the call, carving out a niche food space that eventually turned into a food industry shake up. Testing the status quo not only fulfills consumers desires but it also creates innovation.

So, whether a startup, challenger brand or an industry veteran, a company that leads by its mission will not only see continued success with consumers, but it will help them stand out in today’s crowded market.

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