Pumpkin spice.

There, I said it… And the Buzz Bin did not burst into cinnamon-y flames.

In all seriousness, although terrifying, we have T-9 weeks and T-13 weeks until Thanksgiving and Christmas are at our doors (respectively).

What does that mean for a communicator like yourself? It means now is the time to solidify those holiday campaigns and ship them out the door for implementation.

However, in case you have a little wiggle room in those merry marketing plans for innovative thinking… I asked my esteemed colleagues to consider upcoming trends in the consumer products marketplace that we can expect this coming holiday season. 

Take a gander:

  • Stacy Moskowitz, Senior Director: Branded content that both encourages consumers to think and act in the spirit of the holidays, and relies on them to share and help drive awareness and sales.
  • Katie Myers, Senior Director: Products marketed in the context of a broader experience, such as beverage brands that focus less on gifting and more on incorporating them into shared holiday celebrations.
  • Brian Ellis, Executive Vice President: Campaigns that tell brand stories over multiple channels – each one with dynamic elements customized specifically to that medium.1422983342853
  • Ellen LaNicca, Senior Vice President: Diminished opportunities for traditional holiday media coverage due to the election. It’ll eat up the space that might have been devoted to holiday gift-giving.
  • Matt Kucharski, Executive Vice President: Content focused on spending time with friends and family. It’s all about trying to bring authenticity (or faux authenticity) into consumer marketing.
  • Viviana Pinzon, Account Supervisor: Mainstream brands communicating with consumers in terms of formerly non mainstream concepts such as mindfulness, joy and personal truths.
  • Mariam Quadri, Senior Account Executive: From the time we hit the polls until we swear-in our first new President in eight years, brands will fully capitalize on election.

The above predictions provide a compelling look at a broad list of possibilities. But what do you think are the hot trends headed our way for the holidays? Do any of the above ring true for you?