I knew I was what one would call a “foodie” from a young age. I ate everything that was put in front of me, and looked for creative dishes to cook at home. When social media merged with the culinary world, I scoured through Instagram to find the best food accounts for major cities close to me like New York and Washington D.C., which quickly expanded internationally when I decided to study abroad in London.

Never did I think that I would be on the other end of the Instagram page, the live story, the consumer website…but as a new member of the food and beverage industry, I am getting the chance to look at the culinary world through a different lens.

After immersing myself in my clients and understanding the nuances of consumer and B2B content, I began looking at the food accounts, and the bloggers that I follow in a different light. That wonderfully put together plate on your social channel has been carefully curated, and matched with an effortlessly witty caption just to catch your eye.

I naïvely used to think that everyone on Instagram and Twitter just had amazing one-liners.Click To Tweet

Now that I have made the move from consumer to marketer, I have learned to appreciate the little things a lot more. My favorite pasta dish at my local restaurant is more complex than I ever could have dreamed, and my favorite cookbook that includes multiple partnerships or brand collaborations — more valuable than ever.

I no longer find myself annoyed by #ad #partnership content, or push through ads for local events and brands. I actually find myself clicking on them, looking through them, and trying to understand the decisions on both ends of that partnership and creative content.

Since moving from food consumer to food marketer, I have found that I look at my world and the food I purchase with more thought and more awareness.

What do you think are the top insights every consumer-turned-marketer needs to know?

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