candyHave a Halloween candy overload in your house? It’s been one week since the big day, so it’s time to think about what to do with all of that leftover sugar tempting your kids (and you!) to indulge until it’s all gone. Here are five suggestions to help wean you off the candy, before the holiday eating begins.

1. Freeze and ration – Chocolate candy freezes well and those bite-sized snacks make for nice, portion-controlled treats. . One serving of miniature Snickers (4 pieces) is 170 calories and 18 g of sugar. So, half that with two pieces and you have a reasonable 85-calorie treat to enjoy.  Note: this takes will power.

2. Donate for a cause – To give thanks to our troops, Operation Gratitude (#saythanks) allows families to donate their unopened candy and the organization will send it to those serving overseas. The Halloween Candy Buy Back program, which benefits Operation Gratitude, sets up sites, through participating dentists, that will accept candy donations in return for toothbrushes and other prizes.

3. Donate to the office – Ask your kids to pick out their favorite pieces and bring the rest to the office. Your colleagues will enjoy the afternoon treat and, more importantly, you can use it as a bribe. If you are feeling especially generous, offer your little one a toy in exchange for giving up all of that sugar that they worked so hard for.

4. Experiment in the kitchen – The whole family can get involved and make a new sweet treat out of all of that candy. Check out these fun and easy ideas from Real Simple.

5. Or try thisIf you can’t take it anymore, just dispose of the candy, but you have been warned.  Jimmy Kimmel’s video might show you just how dangerous this approach can be.

What did you do with all of the candy in your house this year? Are you employing any of these tactics?