Many people work at the wonderfully, delicious intersection of food and media. Creating social posts centered around food? Is that heaven?

While it seems glamorous, how exactly do you market a food brand or product? Particularly in a social world that loves to put faces and personalities to accounts. Can oranges have a tone? How would “sliced meat” market this recipe post?

It’s a funny thing to contemplate, but ultimately it comes down to building a strong base for your account that emphasizes your key messages, all the while remaining fun and timely.

Understand Your Base

First, dive into the group of people who make your online community what it is. Are they food professionals? Consumers? Will they enjoy this recipe or are they looking for how to use the product in a more technical way? Once you understand who you are marketing to, you can figure out the content that will speak the best to them. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about right?

Set A Tone

You may think that veggies or chips can’t embody a very witty celebrity, but you are oh so wrong (have you seen Wendy’s Twitter?) While that might not be the route for every brand, setting a strong tone of voice that will resonate across platforms is essential. People gravitate towards accounts that are unique and offer something more than “check this recipe out!” By establishing a tone for your accounts, you can begin to build out content that speaks to your consumer base.

Build Content Pillars

Diversity in posts is essential in a world where content is constantly changing. No one wants to follow an account that pushes the same thing out every day. A great way to work around this is to find three to five “pillars” or “content topics” that you want to incorporate each week or month into your platforms. That might range from recipes to tips and tricks or interviews to fun facts. Whatever fits best into your brand platform.

From there, the rest is up to you! The fun part is bringing these accounts to life.

What are some tricks you’ve learned from marketing food brands?