Denim miniskirts, chokers and crop tops – those have all gone the way of Laguna Beach, right? Wrong, they’re back and here to stay awhile. Fashion is cyclical, and it turns out so are media relations best practices.

I was told when I joined Padilla last year that media drops were a thing of the past. So far, I’ve done two.

Both media drops have been for Rosedale Center mall in Minnesota – one of those clients who strives to push the boundaries and be “edgy.” The Easter Egg Art Hunt was the first project we worked on with them and to entice reporters to cover the event we delivered eggs with a gift inside and a media advisory. We got enough skeptical looks from the security guards we dropped the eggs off with to be a little hesitant if this strategy was the right one, but it worked.

In fact, it worked so well that we did it again a couple months later. Donutland was at Rosedale in June, so we took full advantage of National Donut Day by delivering specialty Donutland donuts to the four major broadcast stations in the Twin Cities. Again, this method proved successful.

These media drops (with a healthy dose of follow up), garnered us coverage in the form of live shots, interviews and general print/online articles. One station even brought out the donuts on air – something that couldn’t have happened if we’d just emailed the advisory over with a pitch.

There are some trends that come back and leave you wondering why (low-rise jeans, can you not?). Then, there are some that come around again and remind you that maybe the reason they’re back is because they work.

To that end I say to both media drops and mom jeans, welcome back.