A few months ago, we put together a two-day NYC media tour for one of our Minneapolis-based clients. The goal of their visit was to share with key travel and lifestyle writers all the up and coming food, drink and tourist attractions in Minneapolis in the hopes of enticing more people to visit the bustling city.

The media days were very successful, with back-to-back meetings with writers from top tier publications including Oprah.com, Martha Stewart Living, and The Daily Meal, among many others, all of who were interested in covering Minneapolis as the next go-to destination, especially for “bang for your buck” trips.

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Below are a few pointers we implemented that should be kept in mind when planning your next media day:

  • Make sure to include contact information in the schedule so you can update your contacts on your timing, and so they can reach out to you should they need to cancel or reschedule (it happens!).
  • Send reminders at least a day before you plan to meet so they can confirm it’s on their radar.
  • Book an appropriate number of meetings for each day (between 4-6 half hour long meetings is recommended). Whether you’re in New York, Chicago, or another media hub, it’s important to remember that traffic and media’s schedules are unpredictable.
  • Try to keep meetings within the same vicinity to avoid back and forth travel (and unnecessary stress!).
  • Add media contacts to security list so that your meeting time isn’t taken up by waiting in line to check in at security.

With any day, things inevitably happen that you can’t plan for. But hopefully with the above tips, your client’s next media “blitz” will be executed a bit more seamlessly.

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