The unstoppable growth in marketing technology tools promises to make a communicator’s job easier: Reach audiences with more precision, leverage data to tailor campaigns with purpose and extend brand storytelling on more platforms than ever before. Some estimate more than 5,000 tools in the MarComm “Tech Stack” are vying for our attention (and marketing dollars), but sometimes, it’s difficult to even know where to start with this ever-growing menu of options. Technology is certainly making our lives easier and more convenient, but it’s also changing the way we communicate. Here are my top recommendations for utilizing technology as a communicator this year.

Embrace Live Video

Twitter may have doubled its character count for text posts, but visual content still reigns supreme for business audiences – especially on social, where attention spans are short and videos are preferred. Rather than writing a string of messages with your next announcement, consider a live video instead. Not only is this a more engaging way to connect with your audience, but the algorithms that control top social platforms favor video – especially live video – more than other post formats.

Rather than writing a string of messages with your next announcement, consider a live video instead.Click To Tweet

Data Data Data

Though varied in function, every marketing or communication technology has a common purpose: to leverage data for better business insights. But integrating and understanding that information is another story. Marketers and communicators must start acting like data scientists to make sense of the information we have at our disposal.

Staying ahead of communication trends has become increasingly critical as technology continues to become more and more prevalent in our daily lives. As technology quickly advances, communicators are challenged with adopting these new methods to be successful. In 2018, communicators can integrate these recommendations to ensure their messages are clearly and effectively distributed.

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