The BuzzLine is a weekly contest that challenges PR and marketing pros to deliver a smart, witty, creative or humorous six-word commentary on a selected story.

Don’t worry about character limits! But your sentence or phrase must have five spaces. No more, no less. For example:

Recently the stock market made big news with the DJIA reaching new heights. How would you comment on that story in six words? Maybe…

  • “Filling gas tank with stock profits.”
  • “Bulls leave bears to clean up.”
  • “Nothing inflates bubbles like irrational exuberance.”

Just put your six-word masterpiece in the comments. We’ll pick a winner on Tuesday, tweet the winning comment widely on Wednesday (#buzzline, #PR) and reward its author. (Starbucks on us!) And we’ll start over with a new BuzzLine challenge next Friday.

Ready to have some fun? Stick with the stock theme and buzz off on this:

To bolster its first quarterly profit decline in a decade, Apple said this week it would open its vault and return $100 billion to shareholders. But shares of the stock, they did not pop. And sales of i-this and i-that continue to slow.

In six words, what do you think Apple needs to do to regain its shine?