Original article published on April 23, 2018

Last year, Padilla announced the relaunch of our culinary studio as The Cookery, a culinary hub offering our clients a comprehensive suite of capabilities including nutrition analysis, recipe testing and development, food styling, photography, and many more. 

Whether you’re a foodie or not, you can likely appreciate a mouthwatering image of food.  After all, it’s been said we eat with our eyes first. It’s also more than likely than you’ve dined with a friend who fancies themselves an amateur Instagrammer, trying to get the perfect food shot and maybe even enlisting an app like Foodie to manipulate the lighting, all while your once sizzling hot shishito peppers have started to go cold.

At the end of last year, Pinterest announced its 10 food trends for 2019. Mushrooms and oxtail made the list as did homemade bread. I found the most noteworthy on the list to be grazing tables. You’ve probably noticed these are everywhere lately and Food & Wine Magazine reports that searches for this type of beautiful visual content is up 163% proving that visual food culture is still very much a thing. With more than 97 million Facebook fans  and more than 87 million video views on YouTube alone, BuzzFeed’s “Tasty” channel has gone viral. To date, there are more than 345 million Instagram posts labelled with #food and 201 million with #foodporn.

With an excessive amount of mouthwatering recipes and content force-fed to consumers daily, its critical for food marketers to deliver trustworthy content.  The industry’s most reputable resources like the Food Network, Martha Stewart Living, Fine Cooking Bon Appetit and Saveur to name a few, lead the way in this area.

At Padilla, our in-house culinary studio has evolved into a space where attention to detail in recipe development meets photography and video creation to capture the content consumers hunger for. The studio, based out of our New York office, is more than a test kitchen but space where our team helps brands thrive in storytelling.

To see The Cookery in action, check out this video or click here to learn more.