MZtBtdjYHcqWr4RZpU9USmThe new year brings with it the potential for new issues to arise for companies and organizations of all sizes. Crisis and critical issues can come very quickly, and it is imperative CEOs and leadership teams understand the evolving issues and vulnerabilities of their organizations.

It is important that communicators be prepared. We think there are three points to be made about crisis management trends that are worth discussing and incorporating into a crisis preparedness program this year.

1.  Social Media Trends and Live Streaming Capabilities: What you thought was a private, internal critical issue can become public and distributed to thousands of people in only minutes on social media. CEOs and leadership teams need to understand the power of social media, and develop a strategy to quickly and effectively handle a negative situation. Social media remains a central hub of breaking news and can develop into a crisis scenario quickly. Live streaming on Facebook and other social media platforms will continue in 2017, and organizations should be prepared with messaging and response tools in case a crisis hits. With social media, time matters… smart and fast wins the day.

2. Cybersecurity and Workplace Violence Continue to be High-Risk Scenarios: Part of developing a crisis plan is to understand the high-risk scenarios and vulnerabilities within an organization. PadillaCRT recommends an individualized vulnerability scan to identify those risks. Part of being crisis-ready means spending the time to identify these scenarios and how they apply to your business. Cybersecurity and workplace violence will continue to be amongst the leading high-risk scenarios for organizations in 2017. A cyber-attack or workplace violence incident can happen within any industry and company.

3.  Fake News and Daily News Trends: Understanding what conversations are happening in the news is important because it may have a major impact on your business strategies. PadillaCRT plays a role in helping your organization stay up-to-date with the latest news that may need to be considered within a crisis plan. Recent stories in the news causing alarm for companies nationally and internationally include: fake news and President Donald Trump’s negative public mentions of companies/organizations on social media. These have the potential to impact your organization.

As you embark on this new year and all the goal-setting and execution strategies, it’s worth asking yourself, “Are we ready to communicate effectively in a crisis or critical issue? Do we have a plan in place? Does our leadership team and managers understand the plan and how to use it?”

To get a sense of your team’s level of preparedness, test your Crisis IQ now with this online tool offered by PadillaCRT’s Crisis Team.