It’s here. The first business day of 2018. Keurigs are in overdrive today as employees get back to the daily grind. Reality sets in that we can no longer put off our to dos until “after the holidays.” New Year’s resolutions are still fresh and within grasp. And, we are all united in the struggle to remember to write “/18” as “/17” is now dead to us. While many employees are looking at another year with their company as a good thing, unfortunately some employees are not. After all, we ended 2017 with the realization that 2 in 5 employees are completely disengaged from their employers.

With engaged employees being critical to business success, no time is better than right now for companies to make their engagement resolutions for 2018. To help move past the resolution writer’s block, here are our top three ways to boost your overall engagement strategy so employees will look forward to – not dread – the year (and hopefully years!) ahead:

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  1. Start with the basics: Any successful employee engagement program must be built on a strong foundation. Earlier this year, Julie outlined the five key components to consider before checking “complete engagement strategy” off your to do list.
  2. Build an authentic culture: Do you cringe at the thought of seeing bean bag chairs and ping pong tables around your office? Then don’t implement them into your office space. Your company culture should reflect the personality of your company – not someone else’s. Check out #5 on Sam’s top 10 takeaways from HCI’s 2017 Employee Engagement conference to ensure you’re creating an authentic experience for your employees.
  3. Move beyond age: Have you heard of this group of people called “millennials?” Yeah, me either. Look, it’s no secret we’re all familiar with the hyper-focus on this age group. It’s also well known that companies often default to age as the driver in employee engagement. New research reveals there’s more to the story, however,we’re missing a key component: career stage. Successful organizations consider both age and career stage when developing their engagement strategies.

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