Back in December, I put my stake in the ground in support of the five travel trends I thought would rise to the top in 2018. Mid-year is here, and it’s time to see how well I’ve fared. I’ve already given myself a B+ on my luxury travel prediction. Next up: destination double-dipping.

The Prediction: My prediction was that when it comes to planning a getaway, we would see more travelers making multiple stops in one trip, rather than settling for just one destination. Though “island hopping” has been around for quite some time, this extension to, say, “city hopping,” “state hopping” or even “country hopping” is on the rise due to better/more mass transit and lodging options, and this increasing desire led, of course, by millennials for experiences over material things.

My Regret: Calling this “destination double-dipping” was very misleading. It’s more like a “destination 2 for 1” or “destination hopping.” I must have been distracted by the Christmas cookies when I drafted my prediction post.

The Grade: A.

Why? We’re continuing to see a steady incline in these more ambitious travel itineraries. This is a trend that’s not fizzling out anytime soon.

Here’s what’s hot in multi-destination travel right now:

  • Croatia. Yes, I know this already appeared on my list of luxury travel hot topics, but it also applies here, thanks to its 3,000 miles of coastline and 1,000+ islands. (And a World Cup Final appearance didn’t hurt!) Hopping from place to place in Croatia is especially easy now, thanks to UberBOAT, which launched in the region earlier this summer.
  • Minimalist Luggage. Modular packing systems have long been popular with savvy travelers and backpackers, but this trend is finally making its way into the mainstream. Nothing is worse than having to drag around heavy luggage between hotels, hostels and Airbnbs – and I say this from personal experience. I used packing cubes for the first time in February… and it was life-changing.
  • Itinerary Tools. The jury’s still out on the fate of the traditional travel agent, but in the meantime, apps like Hopper, Skyscanner, Hotel Tonight and Kayak are stepping up to make itinerary planning easier. Even Airbnb is getting in on the action with its experiences feature – whether or not you’re staying in one of its properties. Heck, I’m looking into it for staycation ideas.

So, be honest. Do I deserve an A for this prediction? Let me know. And check back in to see how I scored on my remaining 2018 travel trend predictions.

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