Want to know the top-secret recipe to create a name for a new brand? Great. Here it is: Grab a few creative folks, lock them in a quiet room and toss in a case of beer before you lock the door. Give them a couple hours. Presto, new name!

Easy. That is, if you only want a name. If you want a GREAT name—one that is memorable, meaningful and steeped in your business; one that can spark and sustain an emotional bond with your target audience—well, then there’s a little more to it.


Great names don’t inspire standing ovations, but sneakily take up residence in our brains, influencing how we think, speak and behave. It’s hard to imagine a time when people used cotton swabs, adhesive strips and facial tissues instead of Q-Tips, Band-Aids and Kleenex; a time before anyone Googled, Swiffered, FedExed or Venmoed.

The hidden power of a good name helped transform these brands from a product to a staple in our lives; filling everyday activities like cleaning our ears or looking up directions with a little extra magic and meaning. But creating a name with that kind of power takes more than just imagination, you have to understand how names actually work.

How do you do that? Glad you asked. The brand experts at Joe Smith (the brand consultancy of PadillaCRT) put a handy guide together on finding the ultimate name, which you can download through the link below.

Okay. I know it’s not quite as easy as kidnapping your creative friends for an afternoon–but we guarantee it’s worth it for the success of your business. Plus your friends won’t hate you. Win, win–right?

Click here to download the Joe Smith Naming Guide