After years of R&D and investment, you can’t afford a failure to launch.

Particularly for challenger brands, the breaking through a crowded marketplace and capturing the attention of your audience feels like an easy battle to lose.

But with proven methods, we know that losing doesn’t need to be an option. Expert counsel and careful planning should build the foundation for a successful launch.

That’s why our team at Padilla created a Pharma Launch Marketing Guide to provide insights to our clients and those in the industry. The mindsets, steps and timelines serve as a reminder of the basics to help companies create a foundation that will catapult into a successful launch.

And while no two product launches are ever the same, there are some core essentials every pharma marketing team should be implementing to prepare for a product launch:

  1. Competitive Analysis: Identify your key competitors and analyze where your product fits in the market. What do you bring to the market that your competitors don’t?
  2. Focus Groups: Conduct focus groups with physician opinion leaders and patients to gather insights from the people that this product will impact the most.
  3. Regulatory Updates and Policy Alignment: Stay on top of regulations and policies by working with R&D to issue press releases surrounding regulatory milestones. Also, ensure that all claims communicated are truthful, not misleading, and grounded in data.
  4. Internal Stakeholder Alignment: Communication is key. Ensure internal communication is strong by developing agreement across departments, and securing buy-in cooperation among all stakeholders.
  5. Partnership Opportunities: The relationships you develop with partners can be your biggest asset to a successful campaign. Start by finding nonprofit patient groups who share your same mission, then develop communication and partnerships around that mission.
  6. Seed the Market: Work to educate the market by communicating news surrounding the disease and potential new interventions.
Every pharma product is different, but taking the time to understand the market landscape, identify potential partners, and gather insights from stakeholders well before approval will help you in every pharma product launch. Click To Tweet

We consider these core principles – further detailed in our e-book – a prescription for success. But since each patient – and launch – is unique, we’d love to talk to you further about a custom approach.

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