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1. The milkman returns

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, many people are nervous about going to the grocery store. An old tradition is seeing an uptick in business. Why should you care? “As millions of us settle in for the long haul, riding out the coronavirus pandemic at home, this new way of life has paved the way for the comeback of a once-forgotten service, as younger generations come to rely on the friendly neighborhood milkman.” [CBS News]

2. Teens are hosting PowerPoint parties

A group of teenagers in Texas got together over Zoom to share PowerPoint presentations on topics that interest them – from Greek mythology to unsolved murders to Disney princesses. Why should you care? One of the students explained that “instead of talking to each other for multiple hours, [this format] lets you inform or entertain your friends about whatever you’re interested in. It lets you work on something other than school that you actually want to do on your computer.” Regardless of your generation, virtual connections have become a source of comfort and a way to cope during COVID-19. [The Atlantic]

3. Domino’s is now hiring

With polished video production all but halted, brands have been scrambling to get their messages out in paid media. While most are resorting to graphics and stock footage with voiceover, Dominos is using the faces and voices of franchisees captured via Zoom to alert the world that not only are they still open – they’re actually now hiring. Why should you care? It’s official: low-fi webcam productions are on the table. [CMO Strategy]

4. Restaurants reopen as soup kitchens

Restaurants are reimagining themselves and there’s a lot of innovation happening with new offerings and channels. We’re seeing restaurants functioning as online grocery retailers and world-renowned restaurants becoming soup kitchens. Why should you care? Innovation is key. Remember your brand ethos and don’t leave it behind in the scramble to adapt. Don’t just seek opportunities, create them. Continue to deliver your brand experience and support your community during this time. [Food and Wine]

5. A first date in quarantine

A quarantined man sees a woman dancing on a rooftop and goes to epic lengths to ask her out. Why should you care? Love will always find a way – even in a global pandemic. [Inspire More]

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