Credit: Sporteluxe

These days, people don’t take a summer vacation from social, Instagram especially. Often the opposite is sad, but true in the days of constant connectivity and curation. Have you seen the amount of ‘grams from every boat, pool and beach people can get their ridiculous inflatable floats to?

So brands, if you think you can chill out this summer like you would by the pool, think again. Now is the time to heat things up!

Here’s five simple ways to start …

  1. Refresh your hashtags – just like you would for your summer wardrobe, things need to be swapped out. Take a look at what’s still relevant and don’t be afraid to tap into other hashtags, i.e. if your food-focused, it does not mean you can’t leverage more lifestyle hashtags for discovery. And remember, you can have up to 30. That’s right, 30 — so there’s room for testing out a few new ones.
  2. More meaningful seek and respond – we’ve all done it, thumbed through a feed as we like most of the posts having to do with our product, but how about developing more than just a short summer fling. Instead invest a bit more time through comments on multiple photos (even emojis work great) and building towards more than a one-off like.
  3. Try posting at different times and more often — if it’s been a while since you have tested out your post times, try it out again. You may garner some key insights. Also, there’s no reason not to try out posting a bit more to see if you get a lift in engagement and/or followers. Experiment!
  4. Take a cue from influencers – I’ll be honest, I’ve learned so much over the years from watching social influencers. Often they’re at the forefront of what’s hot whether that’s in the food, lifestyle, wellness or fashion-front. Take a step back and look to see trends among this group to see what you could try out for your brand. This could be as simple as starting to tag certain publications that you’d like to be regrammed by.
  5. Jump into stories – if you haven’t already done this, don’t be nervous. The summer is a perfect time to try this for your brand. It’s taking over, so if you want to make a splash, go for it now.

There you have it. Just a few ideas to get you going, and if you’re looking for professional help — connect with us.