CNN needs help. The one-time cable-news king trails Fox News, and February ratings show CNN trailing MSNBC, too.

Proof that ex-NBC chief Jeff Zucker has his work cut out for him. Zucker took the reins at CNN just over a month ago, firing talent and, according to the New York Post, calling on reporters and editors “to broaden their definition of news and include a greater selection of topics.”

Good advice, but no wonder ratings are dropping if the results of change are:

  • All day coverage February 14 of the Carnival Triumph’s tug to port – that’s eight hours of “poop in plastic bags.”
  • Yet another Piers Morgan interruption party with gun rights advocate John Lott Jr. February 27.
  • HOURS of coverage and panel discussions on the Jodi Arias trial – umm, who is that again? And panel discussions?
  • While others covered political news, CNN covered Beyonce’s Super Bowl press conference where she proved she could sing and lip-sync.

Zucker, halting the ratings slide at CNN will take tightening the definition of news, not broadening it to… this?

Get the CNN brand back to what’s missing from primetime cable news: news for grownups.

How refreshing would calm, measured, professional, unbiased broadcast journalism be for the primetime demo?