Spending last week with an eight-year-old on spring break, I was privy to some of her YouTube viewing. She has developed a fascination with watching other kids. They may be unpacking toys like LOL Surprise dolls, creating in gaming worlds, tasting foods, and of course, making slime. Now, floral foam (a glammed up crunching of a popular florist craft Styrofoam) is emerging as the slime of 2018. These last couple are part of a growing trend of ASMR videos that evoke a sensation among viewers.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is not a new idea, but its use in developing video for YouTube and Instagram is becoming more prevalent.Click To Tweet

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is not a new idea, but its use in developing video for YouTube and Instagram is becoming more prevalent. It goes beyond simply provoking an emotion to creating a noticeable tingling feeling in the brain. Multiple senses are stimulated through sound, light and imagery. Some are created by people who have made a living out of it from home, while others are discovered in the world, like Baba the Cosmic Barber, whose elaborate head massages have gone viral. Some of the most popular videos are for relaxation or aiding sleep, but the trend offers tremendous opportunities for marketers.

As AR technology develops, many of the experiences can be lacking intrigue. Relying on the technology alone is not enough. You must consider how people can interact with the video, how it makes them feel, and what they take away from the experience. Considering this ASMR trend can enhance the experience through sound (are there birds chirping), light (is it morning or evening), and interaction (are they watching a video or exploring an environment).

Products can also tap into this trend with their content strategy. The slime phenomenon was great for sales of glue and borax. Ranch dressing dominates salad dressing sales because they went beyond salads to an ingredient and vegetable dip. How many of you have a box of baking soda in your fridge? Finding new ways for consumers to use your product can have a dramatic impact on sales, and ASMR is a prime trend to capitalize on a new use. Take a step back, channel your best Martha Stewart, and get creative. Rice cakes and ground Froot Loops might make the first edible floral foam.

ASMR has split into two main tracks. There are the videos that are designed to evoke that emotion while viewing, while others show an activity to stimulate that brain tingling response. Most marketers will be focused on the latter, but considering the former in your video production will enhance the viewer experience and likely increase views. A final shout out to the OG of ASMR, Bob Ross, and Kevin Hill, who is following in his footsteps.

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