March is Women’s History Month and last week, on March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day. As we dive deeper into the fourth wave of feminism, especially in light of the #MeToo movement, days like International Women’s Day are gaining more attention, especially on social media.

This year, many brands chose to get socially involved by honoring International Women’s Day. By recognizing IWD, these brands took an opportunity to be bold and let consumers know they support of gender equality.

Here’s how some of your favorite brands celebrated IWD on Instagram:







In order for brands to build trust with consumers, they need to prove that they are socially responsible. As time goes on, consumers are caring less about the product itself, but what the company stands for. Millennials and Gen Z in particular, are looking to support companies that align with their beliefs. They will not invest their money if they don’t know/ agree with what a brand stands for. Instagram plays a vital role in this, primarily because out of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is the post popular social platform amongst younger Millennials and Gen Z.

By participating in IWD, these brands are assuring/ reassuring consumers that they are in fact socially responsible and they’re not afraid to support their beliefs. It is more important now than ever for brands to make socially responsible decisions in order to attract the younger generations and build healthy relationships with them.

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