super bowlIt’s Super Bowl weekend!

Going to the game? I hear tickets are still available.

Even with game time forecasts predicting a heat wave of 30+ degrees, ticket prices keep falling.

Is it because the teams aren’t “sexy?”

Is it because a cheap ticket at $1,515 is outrageous for a game in New Jersey between unsexy teams?

Or is it because the BuzzLine hasn’t yet gotten involved to help get this game going? That must be it.

For a Starbucks gift certificate that will keep you warm no matter where $1,500 seats you, give us your best Super Bowl ticket pitch… in six words. Maybe:

  • Not just cold beer. Coldest beer.
  • Witness unexpected halftime wardrobe malfunctions. LIVE.
  • Nothing prettier than Secaucus in February.

Leave your six-word pitch in the comments below, come back and vote for your favorite, and we’ll announce a winner next week.