Padilla’s Media Relations Consultants represent a group of agency professionals who are delivering top media relations strategies and placements for our clients. This team invests time and expertise to build strong news media relationships and craft engaging stories that build audience awareness and trust.

The Buzz Bin’s “On Deadline” series introduces you to members of this team with a short Q&A. Meet Rosalie Morton, currently leading social media strategy for a wide variety of clients – from pharma to food.

Q: What are your thoughts and observations on the ever-changing media landscape?

A: I started my career in media relations, but now lead social media strategy for the agency. As I’ve made this shift, so has a lot of the media today. As news sources have moved online, we’ve had to shift our expectations of an “ideal” story. Instead of a feature in the paper, maybe it’s a Facebook Live interview or an Instagram Story. It’s our job to think of these opportunities and include ideas for social content in our pitches. When the right story hits on social, you can reach even more eyes!

Q: What are three things on your work bucket list?

A: Over the past few months we’ve seen an ongoing shift across social platforms to prioritize paid. As a result, we’ve changed the way we approach social media for our clients. It’s hard to have a bucket list in such an everchanging environment. It’s just critical that we maintain a sense of urgency and keep innovating our approach.

Q: Who is your favorite media personality and why?

A: Kai Ryssdal on NPR marketplace. He is super smart, dry and witty. I learn something new from him every night on my commute home.

Q: What is the best career advice you’ve received? Who gave you that advice? 

A: If you ever meet our president, Matt Kucharski, pull him aside and ask him about the four quadrants for job satisfaction: “love for the work, compensation, identity and path.” If you can get two out of four, you’re doing pretty well. If you have three out of four, hold onto your job for dear life. Over time, where you find fulfillment in the quadrants will shift, but it’s always something I keep in mind, and it helps me think through where I want to be here at Padilla.

There are no 'black lists.' Journalists won’t hate you if you pick up the phone. Click To Tweet

Q: What is your advice for a communication professional experiencing anxiety about pitching media?

A: You’ll hear varying POVs on this – but I always called. Always. Just be polite – ask if they have a minute before you start you schpeal. Thank them for their time. There are no “black lists.” Journalists won’t hate you. If they’re terse, it might be because they are having a bad day. Journalists are people too! Be brave and don’t let it get to you. At some point, you’ll have a great conversation and get a killer placement.

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