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From the latest device upgrades from Apple to the daily back-and-forth of the convergence of politics and economics, securing placement in a national business publication can seem daunting, if not impossible. The challenge for business-to-business companies is even harder due to the increased focus on consumer-oriented trends and products.

While this challenge is not new to public relations and marketing professionals, revisiting a few strategies can help you and your client rise above the waves of noise and product-focused coverage. Even in situations where you have to invent your own “news,” here are a few strategies from our B2B technology sector team to consider when pitching your next business story:

  • Surveys

Using surveys to build data on a particular topic of interest might be the answer. Armed with (reliable) data, inserting your company or message into a larger trend not only adds vital context, it has the numbers to back it up, increasing odds of interest from media due to a compelling news hook tied directly to your company messaging strategies.

  • Speaking Events

Trade shows/events provide another opportunity to connect your company and leaders with relevant media attending the show. Beyond a sales pitch, lining-up briefings with spokespeople at a trade show provides the opportunity to insert your messaging directly into the event’s larger context. Tip: identify messages, spokespeople and targeted media well in advance of the show for ease-of-scheduling and to maximize effective relationship building.

  • Pre-emptive Pitching

National business reporters are juggling several stories every day. Finding a consistent touchpoint will not only increase your odds of placement, it begins to create a meaningful relationship that can yield successful results down-the-road. Pre-emptive pitching opportunities such as monthly jobs or GDP reports provide a great platform. Sending a useable quote before or after the event can give media exactly what they need, when the need it. It will also help to establish your spokesperson as a reliable source for future thought leadership opportunities.

  • Regular Guest Columns

As trends in contributed content continue to proliferate through struggling newsrooms, many companies are finding success in a regular, guest column in some of the most influential publications. Instead of working with your team to develop and pitch one-off articles or other forms of content, securing a guest contributor column will put the control of frequency right into your hands. Work with the publication’s “gatekeeper” to identify a compelling angle that will result in relevant, ongoing content.

Media coverage is never guaranteed, but it is not impossible. Finding the right news hook for national business media involves building relationships and providing valuable content in the moment. Integrating some of the tips shared above will not only increase your odds of placement, it will help craft unique and valuable opportunities that can stand out from the crowded field and help you help your client reach their customers and expand industry thought leadership.