When it comes to driving results, the quantity of your marketing output is just as important as its quality.

Amid labeling regulations, stiff competition and the increasingly limited face time with your buyers, how do you maximize your output?

It’s not by doing even more of the same traditional print ads, PR and sales mailers.

Here are a few ways medical device companies can go beyond traditional marketing and reinforce their marketing and sales teams’ hard work.

When it comes to driving results, the quantity of your marketing output is just as important as its quality.Click To Tweet

Market your sales team
Business happens everywhere – over lunch and these days on social media. Why not give your reps the tools to not only market the product, but to market themselves on social platforms as well? Template posts, graphics and other device-related content will keep them – and your product – top of mind.

Paid digital
Clinicians are increasingly looking to digital platforms for news and information. Exact numbers vary, but most studies are drawing a clear line between physicians and their Internet usage. Generate leads and reinforce your brand through digital advertising. Paid ads – whether on Twitter, LinkedIn, industry outlets or even more broadly via AdWords – is a cost-efficient, precise and metrics-driven approach to reaching your audience. Digital ads can be targeted based on demographics, geography and even search behavior. Plus, real-time analytics allow you to adjust as needed.

Lead the dialogue ­­
What is your company’s take on recent industry developments? Where should it go? What are some of the challenges and opportunities you and your peers face? Sharing your perspective establishes your leadership – and thereby your products – as thought leaders. Determine the topics and areas you would feel comfortable discussing, and find opportunities to weigh in. Going beyond participating – and leading the discussion – will put you top of mind even when your buyers aren’t reviewing your sales materials.

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