Despite even the best planning, crises happen. So, it is important for health care organizations’ crisis policies and procedures to be prepared before the unexpected happens.

In a world where news travels instantly, a crisis becomes public very quickly. But, a good communications plan and team will ensure you control your message.

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Here are a few ways you can keep your health care organization sharp and ready to navigate a crisis or critical incident:

  1. Review your crisis plan regularly

Health care institutions should revisit their crisis management plans regularly – at least quarterly – to ensure everyone on the crisis response team understands the procedure and their specific roles. Are roles and responsibilities accurate? Is contact information up to date? Make sure the plan has responded to any internal or external dynamics that should be considered.

  1. Twice-a-year mock crisis and evaluation

While having a plan in place is important, practicing and understanding how to implement the plan is even more so. Practice allows for refinement of the plan and can gage the preparedness of your team if a real crisis were to arise. Hold biannual mock crises and take a good look at what worked – and what didn’t.

  1. Pay attention to crises throughout the industry

Take advantage of learning from others’ mistakes or accomplishments. Stay up-to-date with industry crisis situations to understand how your competing health care organization handled a situation and how you could learn or improve from how they handled it.

Do you think your health care institution is prepared to manage a crisis? Take our Crisis IQ Quiz today. If an urgent need for crisis communication arises, call Padilla’s 24/7 Crisis Hotline at 1.877.PR ER 911.

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