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Health care mobile applications are emerging everywhere. We can’t get away from them. Run if you can, but the Nike+ Running app will be tracking how fast and where you go.

Jokes aside, the health mobile app space is becoming more and more crowded. Just this week, more than 13 new health care apps were introduced to sync with the new Apple Watch. Others are introducing new capabilities to sync with Apple’s HealthKit. And more are sure to follow.

So, with the continuous influx of health apps, how are marketers making sure their apps are seen and downloaded? Here are a few quick examples:

  • Attend the conferences: Big conferences and trade shows like South by Southwest (SXSW), the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Annual Conference and Exhibition are an opportunity for attendees to interact with your brand face-to-face and try out your app. Last year, Fitnet showed its geeky side at CES and saw a 128% jump in app downloads. This year, health companies continue to appear at the major trade shows to get their apps directly into consumers’ hands.
  • Demonstrate capabilities visually: When evaluating the multitude of apps available, consumers want to see how the app works and the interface design — before they decide to download. Video continues to be the easiest way to walk consumers through the experience. Health Care Service Corporation is launching their new stress management app, Centered, with a 30-second video on YouTube. The video works because it is brief, clear and easily sharable. A second 2-minute video created with Blue Sky Innovation further explains the concept behind the app.
  • Make it social: One of the reasons that apps like Nike+ Running and MyFitnessPal have succeeded over the last few years is the social aspect, which not only allows users to see how their friends are tracking in the app, but encourages them to talk about the app offline. Even if your app does not have built-in social capabilities, create a space for people to share experiences, whether through your company’s social media channels or a separate microsite or Tumblr page.

What is your favorite new app on the market? How did you find out about it? Have you  launched a mobile app and what made the launch successful?