Too bad the Washington Post got to “Democracy Dies in Darkness” first.

Any number of colleges and universities nationwide could have used the line to market the heck out of their liberal arts programs, which have a huge growth opportunity thanks to President Trump.

His surprise election and clumsy administration have reignited an interest in governance that’s been dormant for decades.

Americans are marching by the millions, protesting at airports, starting Facebook groups, attending town hall meetings, joining the ACLU and the League of Women Voters, calling their representatives, holding rallies, downloading podcasts and boosting newspaper subscriptions.

We have a renewed focus on the meaning and worth of values like inclusiveness, respect, responsibility and truth.

Those values are the hallmarks of a liberal arts education.  They’re also the hallmarks of citizen leaders, regardless of party affiliation, that a changing nation needs in its boardrooms, nonprofits, classrooms, hospitals, laboratories, factories, communities and governments.

The case for liberal arts education is not any stronger this year than it was last year, it’s just more timely. Catch the wave.